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Friends helping friends

Happy Wednesday to our lovely community.

I hope your all getting to breath in some of the first of the spring sunshine.

We wanted to thank of lovely member Cian for nominating his friend who is having a really awful time. We say this so often, but when your health really suffers, the added strain for money worries can be debilitating, we just hope this offers some ease to him and his young family.

We send not only £500 but also the knowledge that 500 of us are really hoping for a recovery, some calmer times and sending love to the 3 of you.

Here is Cian’s nomination in full, we have removed the nominees name to respect his privacy.

Have a lovely week.

The admin team.

Hi 500 reasons, 

My nomination is for a very good friend of mine who has recently suffered a bout of extreme ill health. Being the sole earner of his family they are now in a pretty desperate financial situation.

My friend (who would prefer not to be named) is a carpenter by trade and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in August 2021. He received treatment for it soon after and was in remission for most of 2022. Earlier this year however things took a turn for the worse and he was admitted to hospital. Being unable to absorb the nourishment from his food he lost about 3 stone in weight and was placed on aggressive steroid injections to control the inflammation. They had minimal effect but a side effect did leave him with drug induced psychosis leaving him emotionally detached and unable to engage with his family, which in-turn led to intense depression.

Eventually after a three week spell in hospital they removed his small intestine and fitted him with a stoma. 

Fortunately he is now in recovery but the all encompassing nature of the illness has left him unable to work and provide for his family. The nature of the operation has left him unable to even pick up his infant son let alone continue with his carpentry. 

This is a long road to recovery for this family, and I know the £500 would offer some real respite for him, his partner and their toddler, and for this lovely man to know that 500 people are rooting for him and his recovery.

All the best and thanks for all that you guys do.


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