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For Vikki

Hey all! Today’s nomination comes from two of our members Claire and Amy. Claire is good friends with Vikki and was keen to see if we could help her good friend who has done so much for others. It is, of course, our privilege to help Vikki and hope our small donation goes someway to alleviating the financial pressure of someone who has always put other people first. Loads of love to you all, here’s Claire’s nomination in full: 

Over the last three years our wonderful friend, Vikki Perry has been quietly and bravely dealing with some very difficult health challenges, after being diagnosed with Cancer in February 2021.

All of us have been desperate to help and support her and her young family, but in typical Vikki style she has stood up to this challenge independently, continued to teach and mentor young drama students in RWCMD, and lead her own classes for children in west Wales. She has been a constant inspiration for so many young people.

Over the last year Vikki has had to face further difficult health news and as she continues with her ongoing treatment, it has meant that she now needs to focus all of her energy on her own health and the quality time she can spend with her husband Mike and her two beautiful children. Her treatment is also requiring specialised equipment and medicines that are not available on the NHS, and this has obviously presented even more challenges for them to deal with.

We really want to take the pressure off this lovely young family and raise some money to help them with their bills, hotel/hospital stays when needed, childcare…. and anything else that will help them going forward.

It will also give them a chance to create some wonderful memories and help them do some special things together without having to worry about making ends meet or compromise their time together.

Vikki and Mike have made a huge difference to so many people as teachers, collaborators and friends and now we all have a chance to make a big difference for them when they really need our support

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