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For Imogen

Good Morning to our wonderful community,

In another week in which the world is going through so much turmoil and tragedy we bring hope in trying to help a families personal fight.

We received several nominations for the courageous Imogen, who is fighting cancer, and although here in the Uk there is little options left, she, her husband and 3 children are on the way to Mexico where there is ground breaking treatment that could save her life.

With all our hearts we wish this family every success.

And we hope our contribution can help with a fraction of the cost, we also hope it lets you know that 500 people are routing for you.

One of the nominations from our lovely member Amy Morgan:

Hi team!

Hope you’re all well. I was sent this fundraiser by my friend Remy Beasley as George Perrin and Imogen are friends of hers and I thought it was a good shout for us 500 reason-ers! They need to raise £50,000 for Imogen to continue trying to fund treatment. More Info below. Hope you’re all well,

Amy xxx

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