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For Freda

Morning everyone! This week we turn our attention to the wonderful work the St Nicholas Foundation do in Ghana and our friend and long time member Captain Barry Hedges always goes to such great lengths to keep us abreast of all of this work and the young people that might need us whenever he goes out to help. He’s due another visit and wanted to draw our attention to a young woman called Freda. I’ll let him explain: 

Hello everyone at 500 Reasons. 

Your previous support for Florence, Koku, Frank and Olivia has already helped to change their lives and with support from the St Nicholas Foundation we continue to make a difference in Ghana. We have been very lucky to find a member of the local district assembly in the community near to Koku, Frank and Olivia and he works tirelessly to help people in need in his area.

He has drawn our attention to a young girl called Freda Ganu. Freda is now 11 years old and she has  significant mobility issues. I have copied word for word the report that has been sent to me from the assembly man (his name is Mr Jupiter). Personally I had an unexpected visceral reaction to the video of Freda crawling across the ground. The £500 will go a long way in Ghana to make her more comfortable and improve her quality of life. I have attached some photos and a couple of videos to this nomination. On my next visit to Ghana I hope to be able to report on the difference that this donation is making in Freda's life.

Thank you for considering this nomination.

Barry Hedges

Please see below for the report sent to me by Mr Jupiter.

Report on my visit to Freda Ganu

I have visited the little girl at her house today.

Her name is Freda Ganu.

She was born on 7th October, 2012.

She is 11 years old now. Freda is in class 3.

Her parents are Freeheart Ganu and Bernice Akufo. They are all peasant farmers.

According to Freda’s parents, her condition (fracture) started when she was 2 years of age. Which means that, she has been in that condition for the past 9 years.

According to her parents, Freda got fractured 13 times including her thigh bone.

She got fractured on both legs and thighs and on different parts of the legs and thighs.

According to the parents, they have tried 3 different hospitals but has seen no improvement. They have been to St. Joseph Hospital at Koforidua, Korle-Bu and Dzodze Hospital.

They have also tried herbal medicines but seen no improvement. 

As I read the medical report give. To them at the hospital, the cause of Freda’s problem is lack of calcium in the bones

I have pictures of the medical reports and pictures of Freda attached.

Thank you



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