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For Drew and his family

Hi everyone, we often talk of how the fickle finger of fate can point so cruelly at anyone, at any time and how unfathomable and how impossibly unfair life can be. This is certainly the case for poor Drew and Beth as the implications for the young family and their business following Drew’s accident are brutal and devastating. Thank you Amy and Laura for bringing it to us and lots of love to them all. Here’s the nomination in full: 

Hi 500 Reasons super babes! I’m just getting in touch on behalf of my lovely friends Drew and Beth and their family, who sadly have been going through a really awful and stressful time. Just over a month ago, Drew was fixing the roof at his new work unit, (he’s an extremely talented paint sprayer, and his business is really taking off, and he was just about to expand, hence the new unit and him fixing the roof leak.) Anyhow, unfortunately Drew fell 5m through the roof and landed directly onto his head onto the concrete floor below. As you can imagine this resulted in a huge amount of injuries including skull fractures, two types of brain bleeds, facial crush injuries, bruised lungs, bruised kidneys and adrenal glands, six pelvic fractures and two broken wrists. They have two small children and Drew is self-employed, his wife Beth works part time and they’ve now lost a full time income to the family. Drew was in an induced coma so they could assess all the injuries, and doctors are baffled as to how he survived.  Obviously now awake he’s been struggling with the mental adjustment to everything, the injuries, what will happen to his business, his kids, and the realisation that he almost lost his life, and what he could’ve lost, it’s overwhelming and he’s having a tough time with his mental health, being a very proud welsh man.  As well as this, Beth has had to take on all the organising of the business whist she balances the stresses of starting a new job. Luckily Drew’s one employee has been put on a zero hours contract, but he was an apprentice so he’s ticking the business over doing simple jobs, so Drew doesn’t have to lose all he’s worked so hard for, but he has had to cancel numerous future orders that would bring in a lot of income.  He is however having to sell his van, as because of the injuries it is unsure whether he will be able to drive again for the foreseeable future due to the damage on his brain.  The earliest financial support they’ll get will be mid-October when Drew’s wage insurance kicks in and they are applying for benefits but have been told that will take 5 to 6 weeks from now, but with the family still facing all of the outgoings. They’ve  had to borrow money off of family to adapt the house as a downstairs bathroom, bed in the living room and handrails etc are required, as Drew is physically incapacitated to go upstairs due to the injuries, and they only have one bathroom upstairs.  Beth is forced to be solely responsible for all of the caring for the boys - school, clubs, childcare etc. As well as caring for Drew  - taking him to all of his medical appointments and trying to sort out the admin to keep his business afloat while he recovers.  Drew can't assist with any of the household responsibilities or parental responsibilities, as the head injuries mean he needs to sleep most of the day and finds task’s extremely difficult to undertake, and is often unable to concentrate, as well being physically unable to do so due to the countless physical injuries.  Because of investments in the new business, which would have been paid off by the upcoming work, the business is also now in debt, which the selling of the van will hopefully cover. But Beth has had to get into further credit card debt to buy school uniforms and school shoes for this term, as well as other outgoings whilst there is no money coming in. You can imagine that this is a lot of stress for her and the family.  It’s been a devastating and life changing accident, but any financial help for them right now would be hugely appreciated I know it. The fact that Drew has recently been able to be released home is baffling doctors and even though his mental health is at an extreme low, he is positive about getting a second chance at life, but he finds the financial struggles overwhelming. It’s would be amazing if you guys can take this beautiful family to be considered for 500 Reasons. Hugely hugely appreciated! Laura Dalgleish x

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