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For Adie

Hello to you all,

Just a reminder that you are all brilliant humans!!! We are so grateful for the continued support you all offer to our recipients every week. By donating your £1 a week (or more for a few of you!) but also by nominating whenever you spot the need. We could not do any of this without you. 500 of the best friends in the world!! 

This week’s nomination comes from Denise who heard about our recipient Adie through some mutual friends. They are trying to help Adie as she is struggling with a debilitating skin condition which has dramatically impacted her life. 

We hope that this gift will help her in managing the symptoms whilst she continues to look for answers and help. 

Here’s to good friends in all forms and knowing that we can all have each others backs when times get tough. It makes the world feel a little less scary every day! 

Have a good week all!

With huge love from your admins,

Ray, Joe, Charlotte and Jen. X

Here’s Denise’s nomination and a link to the go fund me for Adie…

Hello, dear Friends, 

This nomination has come through our friends, Mandy and Wally who know Adie from their days in the Stroud Woodcraft Folk. Adie, who is a single parent, has had to stop working as she has developed a severe skin condition which is not responding to treatments, leaving her with lesions and spots that are inflamed. Adie is now confined to her house for long periods and her employee sick pay (she is an outdoor education teacher) will stop soon. She has had to get rid of her cat and much of her household furniture and bedding due to allergies that are exacerbating  her skin condition as well as pay for a deep clean of her house, creams, and supplements. Adie is a resilient and resourceful woman who doesn’t like to ask for help but her situation is desperate. Her friends have set up a crowdfunder to help pay for essential treatments and replace household goods.

Please could we consider supporting Adie’s crowdfunder to contribute towards the cost of 

  • Allergy testing (food)

  • Photo therapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Replacing household furniture and equipment (due to allergies)

  • Special diet and supplements

  • Specialist expenses and treatments

Many thanks and love to you all,

Denise x

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