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To our wonderful community,

We hope this finds you all well on these nearly winter days. This week's nomination comes from our lovely member Maggie. And it's a real thread of people wanting to help a child who needs a bit of help.

Faith is obviously a very brave little human and we hope we can help facilitate her in living her life to the full and making day to day tasks as easy as possible. The nomination follows below. Sending so much love and support to Faith and Faith’s Dad. Dearest 500 reasons, I hope you’re all keeping well. My friend posted something on Twitter which I was really moved by and would love to nominate the cause for a 500 Reasons. There are details below from my pal who posted it. I hope that all makes sense. Love and best wishes as ever, Maggie Hi Mags. Lovely to hear from you. What a great idea that charity is. Faith is the daughter of a guy that supports my football team (West Brom). They came to my attention via a fans network and I entered a raffle to win a signed and mounted shirt signed by a club legend Tony “Bomber” Brown. I won the raffle but decided to give it back to him to reuse for fundraising as the total had not been reached. I then decided to help spread the word to get them up to the total they need. I will copy the history on Faith and the families predicament.
He is a single parent and really struggling for cash: My daughter Faith is 8 years old who last September under went brain surgery to stop her epilepsy. From 10-15 seizures a night to non at all is fantastic. A year post surgery and no seizures the next step is to build a wet room fit for her to be more independent as due to the surgery one side of her brain was shut down to stop the fits. Now Faith has no use of her left side. Lost left side periperal vision. Unable to use her left hand arm and leg. So an open walk in shower and walk in Bath is the next step in making Faiths life easier at home is our priority now. The Bath we find appropriate and cater for her needs is just over 4k. Any money raised would be really appreciated thank you.

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