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Empowering our members to empower our friends.

Morning all! One of the (many) nicest things about our thing is that we each have access to this pot of cash that we can use if and when we identify a need. Hopefully this is empowering and because of the lack of red tape we’re just able to get it to exactly who needs it really quickly. So when our lovely member Michelle and her boyfriend John happened on an old friend who really needed a helping hand we thought this was exactly why we’re here. He’ll definitely be able to eat today and catch the bus to and from work thanks to your collective kindness, so thank you. x Hi there. Last night I bumped into a photographer that I used to assist. He's currently working in a bar with a massive smile on his face loving what he's doing. The bar is in Victoria Park and he lives in Camberwell so it's a bit of a shlep. After having a really nice time catching up with him, I then found out that he didn't have enough money to get home on the bus or eat dinner. It's a new job so he was too embarrassed to ask for the food. I was going to pop and get him some cash, but then I got a bit drunk and forgot. So we had a conversation on Instagram ( I tried to call him but he cannot receive calls coz he can't pay the bill) this morning where I asked when he was next getting paid. I just put £100 into his bank account, but can't really afford anymore or that really. Then I thought of you amazing people. Can you help out my old friend who has found himself a bit down on his luck. Thanks. M & J
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