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Doing it for Derrick

Hello and happy Wednesday to you all. We hope things are settling now the schools are back and the weather is cooling off (a little). Thank you for your nominations, please keep them coming and remember they roll over each week until we can address them or you tell us otherwise. 

This weeks nomination is from Rose & Pete who are very community minded even when away. 

Hello there lovely admins and greetings from sunny Portugal! 

I am making a nomination which is fairly urgent, the reason for that is explained below:

I was just updating myself on what's occurring in our local neighbourhood back in Stroud, and was shocked to see that there was a van on fire which belonged to a small local business. 

Derrick has run the Jamaica Inn Caribbean Kitchen successfully for a number of years now. If you attend a community event, it is likely that he and his van will be there, serving up tasty dishes. Both his authentic food and his  personality have won many fans in the area. Derrick is fully engaged in the community and has made a 

significant impact in many ways, including running a "pay it forward" scheme enabling customers to make a donation towards buying a hot meal for a local homeless person. 

Here's a link to his website:

Derrick can't run his business without a van, which has been declared a write-off (see photos). As far as I am aware at the moment it is unclear exactly how the fire started, but one thing is certain...whilst he is waiting for the Police and Insurance to investigate Derrick has no income. I am nominating Derrick so that he has some funds to help see him and his family through this difficult time, and get his business back on track as soon as possible.

There is another reason for my nomination. We are seeing rising racism and related crime in the area. As I said, I do not know this was a racist crime, however I believe it is vital to send a strong message to Derrick that he and his business are valued, and have many allies.  

Sending love and thanks to you admins for all your hard work! 🙏 Rose 😘

We got a lovely response from Derrick when he got the money 

“Absolutely flabbergasted by the generosity of 500 Reasons, many, many thanxxx”


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