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Doctors Without Borders

Hello everyone,

The world can feel like a pretty scary place sometimes and we are surrounded by frightening images and news stories wherever we turn. It’s at time’s like this that we are more grateful than ever for this wonderful community of people who care about making the world better in small personal ways. 

We hope you are all looking after yourselves and we send love to you all, especially anyone for whom recent world events have affected particularly.

Hold your loved ones tight, take space to find joy and light. If you need an injection of love and happiness, you can tune into our own Joe Sims on Radio Bristol between 6-10am every morning starting from tomorrow. He is there to bring some smiles!!! 

This week’s nomination from Gwen felt like a way for us to hep the situation in the Middle East through an organisation who work not simply across borders, but across race, religion and politics. None of us feel we know enough to speak to what’s happening over there any more than to say we are devastated by the attacks on innocent people and children, so thanks Gwen for this great nomination. 

With love from us all. X

From Gwen…

I’m sure that everyone has found it hard to comprehend the horrendous events in Israel and Gaza this last week. I would love it if 500 Reasons could make a donation to Doctors Without Borders Who are a brilliant humanitarian organisation offering healthcare and medial expertise where it’s needed the most, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or politics. Here is a link to their page and their statement about what’s happening currently.

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