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Morning all! I remember being told by my friend who has fostered over 20 children of this young man called Samet who came to him as a boy having been brought to England by an Albanian gang. He prospered here under my friend’s guidance, love and tutelage and was top of his class doing a carpentry course at college. In spite of speaking a small amount of Albanian at this point and knowing no one in his mother country having left as a child the decision was made to extradite him.

The effect on this poor lad’s mental health and indeed my mate’s as his carer was devastating. I don’t know how common place this is but we received this message from Nat this week. I can’t imagine how these young people must be feeling and the message it sends? 

Here’s the nomination: 

I’m gonna keep this short but you May remember we supported a young man i mentored  (back in 2021) so he could get to his immigration meetings (if you remember he wasn’t allowed to work and the tickets he was provided with didn’t get him from home to the deportation centre  - we helped buy him a winter coat and travel )  he was facing deportation despite not having lived in Ghana since a boy. I’ve just found out his appeal to remain in the U.K.   was declined today  and he will be deported to a country he does not know and with no firm roots. 

> > I’m devastated and angry as this young man had little support in the U.K. & I and a couple of others had built successful relationships and a support network with him. He had returned to football and was doing what he could while on immigration bail for the past 2 years. > > I don’t know when he will be deported but I know it can be sudden.  if there’s anyway we can financially support him in the next few weeks so he doesn’t return with nothing, please let me know

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