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  • Joe Sims

Decisive Christmas Action

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a gorgeous Christmas? On 23rd Dec we received a message from our brilliant member Sophie who had a conversation with a single parent who was beside herself that Christmas for her children were going to be ruined. She had to act fast so we decided to get the cash to the family straight away. A bit unconventional but absolutely the right thing to do we thought. Hope you all agree and thank you as I think it saved Christmas for this particular family. Our hearts go out to the countless families in similar situations. 


The Admins x

Hey guys, I’m sure this weeks has gone out but I’m nominating in the desperate hope that I can save Christmas for someone. A woman I know confessed to me today that she has no presents for her two teenage daughters for Christmas and is going to have to break it to them tomorrow. She is a single parent and has been struggling on sick pay as she has an ongoing health condition. She was waiting on some money to come in and it hasn’t and she has done the food shop today and there is nothing left. I’m loosing my shit over it.I’m sure her girls will be fine about it but she feels like a failure and I can’t bear to think about how gutted she must be. She is too proud to ask anyone for help and I don’t think she has any fall back anyway. Do we have any in the emergency pot that we can get to her in the next day or so.I know it seems ridiculous to ask at such short notice. Thanks in anticipation Soph

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