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  • Joe Sims

Crisis Point

Hello you wonderful people,

Hope you are all okay with this strange spring weather we are having. One minute glorious, the next freezing and snowing. With fuel prices taking a huge leap this week as well we are hearing too many stories of people struggling to heat their homes or pay their bills. And we also know there are people living on the street in weather that is still freezing - even as we go into April. This week’s recipient has suffered a mental health crisis recently and this week suddenly finds themselves street homeless. A wonderful mutual friend of some of our members is organising to kit out a VW camper so that they can have somewhere safe and dry to live for the next 6 months while they get themselves back on their feet and we immediately agreed this was something we wanted to support. People helping people gives us hope in these dark times. Big thanks to Jen Toksvig for putting this fundraiser forward and we really hope that Flo can raise the money she needs to help her friend at this frightening time. Here is the link to the gofund me and Jen’s nomination. Stay warm folks, Big Love from your admins. Xx My lovely friend Flo has been supporting a friend of hers who is facing homelessnes. Flo isn't given to exaggeration, and wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't a crisis moment. £500 would be a big old chunk of help for this fundraiser, which will immediately provide security for this person for a decent period of time, so they can get back on their feet. Thanks so much for considering it. Jen x

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