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Children’s Hospice South West

Morning all. This week we turn our attention to the truly incredible Children’s Hospice South West.

Children's Hospice South West operate three hospices in North Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and we support families that have a child or children with a life-limiting condition by providing respite, end of life care, emergency care and bereavement support to over 500 families across the South West. From Charlton Farm we support over 230 families in the Bristol and Bath area going through the most unimaginable of times. We are celebrating 30 years of the charity this year and planning lots of fundraising events to celebrate and crucially, ensure that we can continue to be here for another 30 years and beyond. The families that need the care, love and attention of this wonderful hospice need respite themselves and to make memories with their children. They recently put out a call for a charity wide Bristol Zoo and Wild Place membership which can be used by any family the hospice is taking care of and their carers to come free of charge as they were overwhelmed with the joy it brought these families as they faced some of their darkest days. They also wanted an electric bingo machine as that was another hit at the hospice that sadly just broke and they couldn’t afford a new one. Fortunately we 500 were on hand to step into the breach and help bring a little happiness back into the lives of these families going through some unimaginably tough times. If you wanted to read more about the fantastic things they do then you can here: they are absolutely amazing and the work they do is humbling. You hope you’ll never, ever need them but we can be so glad they’re there. Lots of love you beautiful lot 500 Reasons Admin Team

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