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Charlotte and Alan

Morning! This week’s nomination comes from a first time nominator and long time member George Turvey. This poor couple have had such a cruel year with more heartbreak than anyone should have to bear. We hope that our donation helps them to begin to heal in the aftermath of such a devastating time. 

Our collective access to £500 means we are each hopefully empowered by the knowledge we can help if we come across anyone that can use a helping hand. Whether that’s tomorrow or in 5 years time then I hope everyone feels a little happier knowing we each have the ability to draw upon this well of kindness in order to make someone’s life a little better and bestow an act of kindness upon anyone who might need us. 

Loads of love. 

The 500 Reasons Admin Team

Hi all,

I saw this online and felt that it is definitely worth putting forward for consideration. Charlotte and Alan have had a really awful year and could do with knowing that there are people out there who care.Thanks for your consideration.G xWedding Gift For Charlotte and AlanLast year the theatre community were devastated to hear that our friend, colleague, and fellow theatremaker Charlotte Bennett and her partner Alan lost their daughter Margot when she was one day old. Not only have they had to deal with this incredible pain, shock and loss but in the year that has passed they have dealt with much more – including the sudden loss of Alan’s mother and Charlotte’s mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Charlotte and Alan are getting married at the end of June and I wondered if, like me, other people would like to add some money to this wedding present fund for them to spend on whatever they like. And just let them know that we are thinking of them and we support them. Please add a message!

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