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Caring for carers

Good morning! 

We hope everyone is well and as always a huge thank you to you all for being part of this group. We couldn’t do any of this without your support and your brilliant nominations. A community that cares! 

This week’s nomination comes from Rebecca and is for a wonderful initiative in Brixton set up be her colleague Fauve. A space for professional carers who are visiting people in there homes to rest, meet and relax between appointments.

Having had a family member be supported by agency caters recently, I became aware of their strange schedules and often long travel times with long breaks between appointments. These incredible workers are literal life-lines for the people they visit and care for and yet the provision for them is virtually non-existent. The Carers Common Room provides not simply a space but also recognition, validation and community. 

We hope you will join us in wishing Fauve the best of luck with this space and in sending our love to all those caters who need it. 

Also, we know many of you have already completed this super short questionnaire but if you haven’t, we’d be very grateful as we’re trying to get some data on the impact of our wonderful group and what it means to you, our members. It’s completely anonymous, it’ll take 1 minute max and it’s here:

Thanks so much!!

Jen and the team

Here’s Rebecca’s nomination…


An associate and ally Fauve Bickerstaffe had a great idea last year to create the Carers Common Room in Brixton. it’s a space for peripatetic carers to get respite, relax and be safe between caring appointments. She says it better in her video.  They got start up funding to run it for a year, and now she’s out to raise £10k to keep it going. The situation for carers is that they work very long hours often travelling a long way and having to sit in their vehicles between jobs. it's not safe and a lot of them are women. They can't charge their phones, check their emails do their life admin. They can't unionise or socialise with other carers. But the Carers Common Room allows them to do all of that. it's what most workers take for granted. And it's very much needed. Fauve started the CCR because during the pandemic she signed up to do caring. At a time when most people were leaving the profession. Let's offer her some solidarity and send some love to the carers she supports. 

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