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Caring for Camilla

Morning all! This nomination is something that has rocked our little community and has been nominated 4 times. Patch Warner, Craig Webber, Kevin Crew and Aaron Cole all nominated. Camilla and her family are in real need of our help and it’s heartbreaking so we’re only too pleased to help. We wish her a speedy recovery and are pleased that she and her husband Ian have so many incredible friends. Here’s the gofundme page. Lots of love 500 Reasons Admin Team x Camilla, Ian and one-year-old Joshua need our support. Their world has come crashing down after a shocking leukaemia diagnosis for Camilla. Where to begin? There’s a lot to say. Cam has been in the Bristol Royal Infirmary since the day she gave a blood sample on the 6th December 2021; such was the urgency of the situation. She has a particularly acute form of Leukemia requiring immediate action (it’s called Acute Myeloid Leukemia). So as soon as she was ready, Cam underwent the first of an intensive 10-day programme of intravenous chemotherapy, which finished on Boxing Day. Soon after, with absolutely no immunity and experiencing all the well-known side effects of chemo, Cam was diagnosed with Sepsis resulting from a severe infection. She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and, whilst there, went into Septic Shock. It was devastating. Cam’s organs were failing her, and she was placed on life support. A tortuous fourteen days passed. Cam, my absolute hero, fought back and on the 19th January started coming off the mechanical ventilator and dialysis. That was a momentous day! But of course, Cam is now dealing with the consequences. The psychological effect of her near-death experience requires counselling. Still in ICU her body is repairing itself as best it can and the Consultant has said that the mental and physical side effects could be far-reaching. The above was written by Camilla’s friend. They need a break! £500 would be a massive help. Cheers Patch
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