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Good morning all, this week’s nomination received 4 separate nominations from our recipients friends Beth Langdon, Aaron Cole, Patch Warner and Craig Webber. Back in February we helped a couple called Camilla and Ian when Camilla was getting treatment for Leukaemia and Ian had to stop work to look after her and the children. I’m very sorry to report that in spite of her brave fight she’s recently received a terminal prognosis and their friends are looking to raise money to reassure Camilla that her family will be okay when she is no longer around. She has written a letter on the GoFundMe page which is unsurprisingly a beautiful but tough read. 

We are giving the money not to the go fund me but to the family directly to make it go even further. Lots of love to you and yours500 Reasons Admin Team

Good evening all, Back in January the beautiful community of 500 Reasons nominated Ian and Camilla for support following Cam's Leukuma diagnosis, as Ian had to step away from his job to care for the family.Despite encouraging early signs post transplant the sad news the family dreaded became a reality when Cam's Consultant confirmed all treatment would be with palliative and not curative intent. This means optimising her quality of life through pain management and hopefully extending it for as long as possible.The end result is Cam is unable to go back to work with her treatment ongoing and Ian has also been signed back off from work to look after her.One ray of light in this extremely difficult time is that Ian and Cam have got engaged and will get married shortly. I would like to nominate them again please to help ease the family suffering in a small way in this dark time. Thank you Craig Webber

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