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Today is a special day for all our brilliant members, we are on week number 250 and have helped to the sum of £125,000 since we started. What an amazing achievement and initiative which really helps people everywhere and only works because we have YOU, so THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Please take a moment to be very proud.

Today’s nomination comes from Marissa who is one of our new members. The news from the Channel has been very distressing over the past few weeks and we are really happy to help. Marissa also checks in on Ali, the student we helped in Cambridge recently.

Here’s the nomination:

Hi everyone,

As winter is coming in, refugees in Calais are left in freezing conditions and, recently, evictions have been on the rise meaning many refugees are forced to abandon their tents which have become their homes. CamCRAG have a dedicated team of people in and around Cambridgeshire who purchase fleece blankets wholesale and turn them in to Ponchos. These ponchos are then distributed around the refugee camp. Around £20 can keep a family of 4 warm throughout winter.

It seems like such a simple cause but these ponchos are vital for keeping people warm, and by having them as a clothing item as opposed to a possession, it prevents them falling off in to mud or cold puddles, getting lost - and most importantly it’s harder for police to confiscate clothing. They are in huge demand in the camps and refugees also appreciate the thought and care put in to them as a handmade item.

I would obviously be thrilled if 500 reasons made a contribution to our small grassroots charity. Please get in touch if you need any more information!

I have also been trying to meet up with Ali - just as a friend and a familiar face. It’s been hard to organise but I’m taking this as a good sign - he’s a teenager having a load of fun at Uni!! We are in touch by email though and he knows where I am if he needs me :) x

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