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Buying a tandem bike for a visually impaired boy to ride with his Dad.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 127, yes 127. How amazing is that? This week we’re buying a visually impaired boy a tandem bike to ride with his Dad! 

We’ve come such a long way and the journey continues, what a group.  This weeks’ nomination comes from Denise.We really love the idea that Jamie, age 13, who is “blind and loving it” can get an OrCam (which is a piece of kit which helps blind and visually impaired people become more independent) but when we checked the crowdfunding total we realised it is very close to getting the full amount and so we are sure that he will get the amazing life changing cam soon.  Our £500 would take it over the total needed. We were so inspired by the nomination that we realised we would love to help him and his Dad buy the tandem mentioned in the crowd funding brief instead of adding to the Cam fund, so we suggested that we buy the bike. Jamie’s mum, Deb is over the moon and thinks it’s such a brilliant suggestion. The idea of Jamie and his Dad having something so bonding to do together speaks to the sentiments of our group and in a timely fashion it collides with the Tour De France. 🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️  Please see the nomination below: Dear Friends,  I would like to nominate Jamie. Jamie is 13 years old and lives with his family in Kent. Jamie and his 2 siblings have autism. Jamie is also blind. He is crowdfunding for an OrCam. I could try and describe it but Jamie’s mum, Debs, has done it much better than I could on his crowdfunding page. An OrCam would give Jamie so much more independence which he needs and wants as a teenager. Put simply, an OrCam would mean that Jamie could read books without them having to be in braille, he will be able to read his own mail, and know who is in the room without someone else having to tell him. Among the things, he will be able to read a menu when he is out and order his own meal. It will mean he will be able to have some of the privacy and independence that teenagers need and we all take for granted. His Mum, Debs, is amazing and does so much to help and support other parents of children with special needs. I heard about Jamie from my friend, Sam Sly, but I know Debs by reputation. She and her family give so much to others. This is a post Debs made about being visually impaired which gives an insight into the challenges Jamie faces daily. Watch Jamie’s dad try the blindfold challenge!Best wishes, Denise
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