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Brave Frank’s Bucket List

Hello again folks,

We are approaching our 4th birthday and it is such an amazing thing to look back and see all the incredible nominations we have been able to support in that time. We could not have done any of it without your incredible support which we never ever take for granted.

This week we were reminded of a brave young performer whose family we supported back in 2019 when he was in hospital being treated for cancer and they wanted to be able to visit as much as they could.

We were incredibly sad to hear that Frank’s cancer is now terminal and that, at just 14, he has made the decision to stop treatment and make the most of the time he has left.

We are blown away by his courage and we are sending this donation to help him fulfil some bucket list wishes. We also send our love and strength to the whole family and hope they can make some amazing memories!

Thanks Ellis for this wonderful nomination.

Love to you all!


Hi wonderful team!

I hope you’re all well and thank you as always for all your endless work.

I have a nomination:

At a time when I’m sure you’re inundated with worthy nominations I’m going to perhaps go against what might be considered decent and suggest nominating someone who has already received money from the team.

Back in Oct 2019 I nominated (and received money for) a wonderful 12 year old boy called Frank, a young actor/footballer fan who I’d had the pleasure of working with several times in panto at Hereford Courtyard, who was battling the rare bone cancer, osteosarcoma. His parents had to give up work and spend all their money going back and forth to Birmingham for specialist treatments. This has been ongoing ever since, and Frank has battled on tirelessly, having operations replacing bone from both his legs, learning to walk again each time, only to discover cancer in his lungs and then having to have numerous intense, invasive treatments on those. At one point things were looking up - but now, having fought for so long, and with his family having had to isolate completely to protect his health - he was told last week that his lung cancers have returned and is now terminal. This heartbreaking news feels so unfair after all they’ve been through, and at 14 years old Frank has taken the decision to choose quality of life over any relentless treatment.

Frank is compiling a bucket list, and I would so love to be able to help the family achieve some of these goals. His whole family have been completely brilliant throughout, and you may remember his mum Emma even found the time and energy to set-up another Reasons group (501 Reasons) to help others during her own hardships.

I completely understand if its not possible to receive money a second time for the same cause, but I just had to try and do something to ease their suffering at a time when we’re all running on empty. Frank has remained a light of positivitythroughout.

Big love



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