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Barton House

Hello and good morning to all our lovely group members. We hope you are keeping warm as the autumn digs in. 

This weeks nomination is about community. It was sent in by Jonah, a first time nomination and what a brilliant one. The community response to this event in Bristol  has been amazing and we knew we also had to offer some financial assistance and sent the money immediately. 

We send our love to everyone effected and hope the crowd-funder keeps going because this is such a huge shock to 300 people.

The Bristol Cable, the paper-have stepped in to help and the people running the donations are Denise and the team at Cafe Conscious in Barton Hill who are an amazing focal point for anyone local who wants to help. 

Here’s the nomination:

Morning Admins, 

I've not made a nomination before, but this is really something I think is worthy of our contribution.

Barton House in Barton Hill, Bristol has just been deemed unsafe to live in, effectively making ~300 people and ~100 children homeless overnight. People were given just a few hours to evacuate. Whilst temporary accommodation is being set up, many people are being housed in the local GP practice and Mosque. Some are even sleeping in their car. It is  looking less and less likely that people will be returning any time soon.

A local newspaper has set up a fund which I think we should contribute to try and alleviate some of the hardship these people are unfairly going through.

Thank you,


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