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Barncroft Primary School Christmas #1

Morning all! The festive season is truly upon us and this week’s nomination is using all their Christmassy powers to generate some desperately needed funds to keep their primary school running.

Barncroft Primary School’s head teacher has given a heartfelt plea to raise funds in order to avoid redundancies to key workers and find cash just to pay for pens and pencils. Truly a damning indictment of a broken system and sadly endemic of a much broader problem affecting many schools up and down the country.

The kids from the school wanted to release a Christmas #1 to boost the coffers and it’s an absolute banger! Those of us old enough to remember it the first time will be very pleased to be reminded of ”You’re The Voice” by John Farnham and these kid’s rendition is gorgeous. Grab a mince pie and give it a listen, or even better a download and let’s get these kids to number 1! 

Loads of love

500 Reasons Admin Team 

Joe, Jen, Ray and Char x

Dear 500 Reasons,

I wanted to nominate Barn Croft Primary School's Christmas No.1 for 500 Reasons!  Barn Croft is a small school 🏫 in Walthamstow, London that has run onto hard times because of the budget cuts.  The kids and parents have decided to try to save the school by launching a bid to reach Christmas No. 1!  As a small one form entry school that support a large number of children with special educational needs, they have been badly hit by recent budget cuts meaning they have plunged into a huge deficit.  At the end of the year, the school will have to lay off staff if they can't figure out a solution.  
The community has launched a single, John Farnham's 'You're the Voice', complete with a music video to highlight their cause.

We are hoping to raise £50K to put solar panels on the roof of the school – turning Barn Croft into a little power station– to give the school a sustainable solution to lower their bills.
It would be amazing to get 500 Reason's support on this project! 
The song will be available on 16 December if anyone fancies downloading it to help us get to Christmas #1! Please check our our crowdfunder. 
Kind regards,Natalie Sloan
P.S. I love 500 Reasons. Keep up the great work! 

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