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Back to the brilliant Chris York

Morning all. The invasion of Ukraine has continued to displace millions of families all fleeing for their lives and our attention turns again to the courageous individuals helping to provide sanctuary for these poor people. A few weeks back we helped Chris and his partner who were in Poland helping refugees and unsurprisingly the situation has deteriorated as well over 2 million people gave sought refuge and whilst Poland is winning deserved international kudos for its response to the humanitarian impact, its resources and infrastructure are beleaguered as it struggles to deal with the sheer weight of demand. So yet again we have decided to send our £500 to help as best as we can. Here’s an update about Chris and Here is a reminder of that nomination from Karin:

Hello! I mentioned in the FB post this week that I thought we should be doing more to help the situation in Ukraine. I have since been researching all the various organisations who are fundraising. I saw this couple on the news and felt they were really genuine in their desire to help refugees directly. Chris York is a journalist and he and his Ukrainian girlfriend are there on the ground helping people fleeing Lviv at the Polish border. I don’t know them but their courage has touched me and they seem to be genuinely providing essential help to frightened, cold, hungry, exhausted people. I am sure others may nominate other charities helping Ukraine so please choose any one of our nominations. > > > Thanks as ever for administrating this wonderful group! Karin
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