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Arms around the child

Happy Wednesday to everyone in our amazing group. COVID-19 is ruthless and while we are constantly negotiating the complicated, changing protocols here, in some countries that’s much harder to do and so the most vulnerable are even more at risk.

This week we are hoping our money will stretch as far as it can and help as many as possible. £500 can help feed 50 families for 2 weeks and that includes the most at risk children. Here’s the nomination from Denise: Dear Friends, Please could we consider this charity, Arms Around the Child, sent to me by our friends, Peter and Ellie? We’ve all seen the reports of the devastation caused by Covid in India and for people in extreme poverty, who are many, their situation is desperate. Arms Around The Child are raising money to provide meals for families in Jaipur. Love and best wishes to you all, Denise Hello, I don't often make a personal appeal to my friends to support my org Arms Around The Child but I'm sure you have seen the desperate situation in India right now and they need our help urgently! Arms Around The Child is working directly in the slums of Jaipur with a team of professional volunteers to deliver food parcels and meals to the most affected. India is suffering the worst of the COVID pandemic. Nearly 70% of the population live in poverty and right now they can’t earn a daily wage to feed themselves or their families. The virus is multiplying in the overcrowded slums and their work is shutting down. There is no government support or Universal Credit! Please help us help them. £5 will buy a food parcel for a family of 6 for 2 weeks. £10 will buy 2 weeks of readymade meals for a family of 6 who are affected and unable to cook due to Covid infection or no fuel. £60 will buy food parcels for 12 weeks for a family of 6. We have started by helping 100 families with supplies for 12 weeks at a cost of £6000. They are in desperate need in the many slums in Jaipur and we urgently need more support for more families who are ill or just penniless and can't feed themselves or their children. 100% of your donation goes directly to the cause. All donations are effective whether you are feeding 1 family or 100. From Ellie. And a further update from Ellie after we donated with a big Thank You…….. “We are now concentrating on making the helpline more accessible and have a great team of health professionals giving their time to be available to help people as they are struggling with their mental health having lost so much through the pandemic The whole project has been made easier due to our work directly in the slums looking after Moms who have been abandoned and abused with no other means of support. We have been running this project for over 3 years and have seen such a huge change in their confidence and well being of the Moms who are now able to take care of their families, get education and healthcare for the children. Arms Around The Child’s continues to look after children living in extreme adversity, we support 4 homes in India for children affected by HIV/AIDS who are often orphaned and outcast from their community due to the stigma surrounding their positive status.”

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