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A sister’s love

Hello to all you lovely five hundred, 

We hope the weather is helping everyone, the gorgeous long days and warmth is very welcome.

This group is unique and amazing in its range of people and groups and charities that it helps. 

This week we are helping a person who is negotiating her recovery, nominated by her sister Mande and we wish her the very best and send our love. She was so touched that we could offer some help and sends many thanks. 

Here’s Mande’s nomination. 

Hi All

I would like to nominate my sister Helen

She is 67  and was recently diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

She has had an operation but now needs chemo and radiation

She lives alone and her home is not suitable for someone that has just had a major operation

For example she needs new seating as everything prior is too low and no longer feasible.

As a pensioner she is unable to afford the new type of height furniture she needs and there is no other help available

I would like us to help her as it is scary enough for her and I would like her to have some kind of practical support that will make the coming year a little easier for her whilst undergoing gruelling treatment

Thank you



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