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A poor family from The Gambia needs our help...

Good morning you wonderful people!

One of the things that never ceases to impress and hearten is at HQ is the incredible kindness and generosity of people. All of you for supporting this group, those of you who have also started your own groups, those of you who offer to give a little extra, to donate to or support our recipients, those of you running marathons or doing other crazy sponsored activities to help others. And those of you who spot someone in need and nominate. You’re all heroes in our books.

This week’s nomination is to help a woman who is who helping a family in Gambia and we applaud her and also send our love and strength to this family. 

Big thanks to Rasha for her nomination below:

Hello 500 Reasons

There is a family in Gambia that has been having a hard time. A mother with two children have lost their father in an accident a year ago and due to rains, have lost their home. They have been sleeping in the school buildings however school is about / or has just started and they will need to leave or will become homeless. Her kids are becoming drop outs from school and they are among the outstanding students at their school. 

There is a lady called Helen is paying for the schooling and medical care. However they need something like £700 to help them with accommodation. I was hoping that we could donate £500 from the £500 reasons group and I feel confident that I can raise the additional £200 from friends and family.

I look forward to hearing your response and do let me know if you want extra information in addition to the above story. 

Well done on all your great work. I love reading the weekly stories and feel privileged to play an extremely small part in this group.

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