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  • Joe Sims

A mile in someone’s shoes...

Hi everyone! The idea that we’d one day have to leave everything we knew and often most of our loved ones to flee for our lives, to avoid persecution or to merely provide for our loved ones is a notion that frightens me more than almost anything else. To then turn up in an alien country and trying to make sense of this new world and try to integrate and overcome cultural and linguistic challenges must be so tough. What luck then there are incredible volunteers and lovely folk to try and offer help for these displaced people via their Walk and Talk. An introduction to London offering free and useful services and how to access them. English classes, accommodation and opportunities to meet like minded people and friends. Our money will go such a long way for these guys. Here’s the nomination.Hey Joe, 

I would like to nominate a small community project I'm involved with. It's called Walk and Talk migrant welcome tours. We work with migrants, mainly people seeking asylum, introducing them to London, things they can do for free and useful services. The focus is on building relationships and a sense of community (we have many repeat customers!). Recently, some of our initial tour attendees have started running parts of the tour. Our logo is also designed by a tour attendee who we found out was a budding artist (they were, of course, paid them for their time). We've helped people find free English classes, accomodation and friendship. Unfortunately, after two years, we have had to postpone the tours due to a lack of funding. £500 would help us run 4 to 5 more tours, making a monumental difference to our work. Almost all the money goes to travel expenses and food for our attendees. Your contribution would buy us time to apply for bigger pots of funding while keeping our small community alive. Please let me know if you need anymore information, on budget, our values, or the charities we work with. More info is on our Facebook page: Thank you so much, Sohail
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