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A little help from our friends

Morning all, our friend and long standing member Rich wrote to us as he was rightly worried about the awful situation his friend Miranda and her husband Andy are facing. Andy has now been referred for an emergency lung transplant in spite of never having smoked and Miranda needs to, understandably dedicate more and more time to looking after him. We wish them both all the love in the world and thank their friend and our friend Rich for bringing this to us x

Ey up beauties,

I hope this finds you all happy, safe and well. 

My mate Ran is a wonderful soprano, Australian and Bristol resident (you may have seen her busking around the area … it’s her only source of income as a result of the situation they find themselves in.) Her husband Andy has been diagnosed with an incurable lung issue and Ran needs to be in hand to look after him. Another friend, Alice, has set up a gofundme to help out Ran and Andy. 

Here’s the link:

There’s an update from this weekend a little further down the page. 

If there is any way at all that Ran and Andy could be considered this week or next, I would be immensely grateful. I can’t imagine the pain and worry of a partner being suddenly stuck down with illness. 

As always, thank you for everything that you all do. I can imagine it being a huge weight reading so many deserved nominations and having to pick just one each week. You’re beautiful people. 

Sending heaps of love and luck to you all


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