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A friend of our friend is our friend

Morning everyone! Hope you’re all well and and as spring has sprung so too have the first signs of normality. It won’t be long before we are truly and safely reunited with our loved ones after a long and arduous wait. Shame really as my Mum was just getting the hang of Zoom!

This week’s nomination comes from our lovely member Roberta Field who’s best friend has been devastated by her friend’s sudden and frightening decline due to a brain tumour in her early 40’s. The good news is there is potential help in new groundbreaking surgery but they need to act fast. We wish Michelle a speedy recovery. Lots of love and gratitude to you all x

Here’s Roberta’s nomination in full:

Hi Guys, As Mum to two young children myself, Michelle Noake's story is absolutely heartbreaking and almost inconceivable. In August 2019 Michelle had her dream wedding, marrying Simon, the Father of their two children. When you look back at photos of that day, it's devastating to know that only a few months later their world as they knew it, along with their hopes and dreams for the future would all come crashing down. In November 2019, Michelle started experiencing some dizziness and tingling in her hands. She was referred for an MRI by her GP and, almost unbelievably, within a matter of hours her mild discomfort was diagnosed as a Pointe Glioma, an inoperable brain tumour at the base of her brain stem. Initially there was hope that with the correct treatment they might be able to manage the tumour for a number of years, but over the last couple of months this hope has receded. Despite radio and chemotherapy the tumour has grown and Michelle's vision is severely affected and she has to rely on a wheelchair. In the last couple of weeks Michelle suffered a near fatal episode of hydrocephalus which manifested in the form of extreme vomiting and headaches. Thankfully the NHS were able to carry out a life saving shunt insertion. There aren't many options left for Michelle and her family now - but there is one glimmer of hope on the horizon. A pioneering treatment available privately in Germany involving Dendritic Cell Vaccination (a type of immunotherapy) plus hyperthermia. The couple have two young children, six year old Otto and three year old Poppy. This treatment may be her last hope of seeing her daughter Poppy turn four and to wish her luck on her first day at school. The family are urgently raising funds for this lifesaving treatment. I have made a personal donation, but it would be enormously significant if we could contribute a 500 reasons donation to the fundraising effort. Michelle will need at least two rounds of therapy costing €62,500 (£53,550) in total and there will be travel and accommodation expenses on top. Anything raised in excess of this will be a bonus as it will mean Michelle can have another round of treatment, giving her an even greater chance. Thank you so much for reading and considering this nomination xxx PS: For clarification purposes, Michelle and Simon are friends of my very good friend Elisa Hill.

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