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Happy Wednesday friends. 

Week 331 which is £165.5K that we have donated (stats stolen from Jen Lunn)

We hope you are enjoying the summer weather, the long days and the huge variety of amazing artists that came our way from Glastonbury this weekend. 

Friendship is the key to this weeks nomination. We are helping a lovely woman called Linda who has worked as a make up artist and designer all her life, she is very private but has an amazing collection of friends and several of them are members of 500 reasons, Claire Pritchard, Simon, Ian, Andie and Dawn who sent in the nomination. 

A crowdfunder for Linda was set up which is a modest figure considering what she has to go through and so we have decided to send this weeks’ money directly to her so she can immediately pay to have her physiotherapy as she is fragile. We wish her the best of luck and send love for the journey forward.

Friendship and community really is important. 

Here’s Dawn’s nomination:

Hi I would like to nominate my beautiful friend Linda Corr who has been diagnosed with MND. She has bravely fought multiple cancers and has recently received this devasting diagnosis. The £500 will go towards helping her ongoing physio and the medical equipment she needs to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Thank you 

Dawn Thomas Mondo

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