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  • Joe Sims

3 Dads Walking

Morning all. As we’ve taken this journey together over the last (almost) FIVE years we’ve bore witness to some incredible human beings making the world a better place and indeed drawing from their own personal loss and trauma to try and improve the lot of others. These people are truly inspirational and the three men in this week’s nomination are no different. They all tragically lost their daughters and are committed to raising suicide awareness to help prevent families from being devastated by suicide. This week’s nomination comes from our friend Nathalie. 

Thank you all, as always for being amazing. Let’s talk more, let’s listen more. Loads of love to you and yours. It’s okay not to be okay xxxI’d like to nominate these bunch of lovely dads walking to prevent suicide in young people having lost their own daughters. We no doubt all know someone who died too young; a sibling, a friend, a child. Here’s a video of their impact and the community that has grown: their donation page.

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