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Week 200 and £100,000 given away! Thank You x

Good morning everyone! Season’s greetings to each and every one of you. Your generosity and support means that we have this week reached the incredible landmark of having given £100,000 to those that have needed our help. In this tumultuous time it feels reassuring that we 500 have shown in technicolour that there’s more that unites than divides us and just what can be achieved when a community of people stands shoulder to shoulder to try and make a difference. Another group has started their journey this week (The Bristol 500 on FB and Instagram) so that’s 9 other groups in addition to ours that are helping all over the U.K. doing beautiful, inspiring work. Thank you all for coming on and shaping this journey that I hope you’ve all found as heartwarming and edifying as we have? Here’s to the next £100,000 and the next 10 groups!

This week’s nomination is simply to bring some help to a poor family who’s two children have been bravely battling poor health. The young boy with leukaemia and the 13 year old girl who heartbreakingly last week lost her courageous battle against the brain tumour she was fighting. There is nothing that can be done when faced with unimaginable horror such as this so we just offer our love and support to the family this Christmas and hope that our £500 donation might go some way to mitigating any financial worries this poor family have incurred and hope for a speedy recovery for their young son. Lots of love and our total thanks and gratitude for all we’ve managed to do and help over the past 200 weeks. You’re bloody brilliant! Lots of love. Joe, Char, Jen and Ray x Hello everyone, Hope this finds you all well and just to say thank you for the great work your have done and continue to do. I would like to nominate for a family I have only known a couple of years but are having a really tough time. I’m now a coach at Longwell Green in Bristol where I live and coach my girls teams. Through this I have met many great people one of which is a guy called P. They have had a terrible year with both there children diagnosed with different illnesses. Their son had leukaemia which thankfully he has had some positive treatment. His daughter at the same time was diagnosed with a brain tumour and unfortunately her battle was just to hard. She devastatingly passed away last week after battling as hard as she could and seeing her 13th birthday before leaving us. The family are obviously devastated but have been so brave. A just giving page has been set up in honour of the girl and although it would be easy to donate there I would like to nominate to give to the family to use how they see fit. I’m well aware you get many nominations but would be great for you to consider this. Many thanks and take care Danny
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