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Split Pot

Morning all! Thanks to the diligence of our members we were able to split the pot this week for two people who could really benefit from a little kindness as the unrelenting juggernaut of life can often be so cruel. So we’ve given £250 each to Miranda and Boann. The cost and pressures of living at the moment are so brutal and if you see anyone that is struggling then please don’t hesitate to let us know at fivehundredreasons@hotmail.comThanks for being brilliant. The power of community is more important than ever x

 Here’s both the nominations: 
Hi folks! 

Heres another possibility, for the benefit of our collective offerings: 

It's just one person - a friend of mine living in Somerset who's just turned 60. She doesn't know I'm applying, but 4 of my other friends are also getting together to donate an offering of their personal money to try and alleviate her situation; so I'm seeing if we can add anything. 

Boann has suffered with chronic pain from fibromyalgia for a long time, and of course has been through all the routes of the NHS to try and get support, but what they can offer is few and far between. On top of that she has also recently been diagnosed with Lymes disease. 

At the moment she is spending a lot of time isolated at home, without enough energy to do simple things.

You can imagine; that would be a depressing situation for anyone. 

Being able to have a session of hydrotherapy now and again would make a big difference to her pain, and thus her ability to be in the world and see people.

Boann doesn't receive any benefits, she just survives on a tiny income generated by what she can manage. She has to save carefully for any additional tub of vitamins that would help.

But Bo is fabulous elder in her community; giving good counsel to anyone in need; taking care of the community edible vegetables when she can; and often trusted with holding space for others such as baby-namings. 

If the challenges of her body weren't enough, someone ran into the back of Boanns car recently - and she needs an osteopathy appointment costing £50. 

Today, when I was talking to her we were exploring what would help, and she said "kindness. Just some kindness" her luck so far in life has felt pretty unkind. Although I see her small acts of kindness consistently. 

There are so many troubles in the world right now. I don't know how we decide who's worthy. But I felt to write this one in and so I did. 

Love to all of you there

Rozalie Hilton

And we were alerted to an instagram post from Miranda whose son we helped a couple of years back. 

I really need some help...feel so embarrassed, mortified doing this but just at wits end...i got rushed hospital due to adverse reaction to meds for UTI it was so scary but i've had discharge myself from hospital so can b at home with my son & keep animals fed etc.. but main issue is ensuring food in fridge & bills paid. With car & house insurance due plus car loan overdue & numerous other bills i'm just scared gonna get in real pickle so what makes me feel utterly abhorrent is if anyone can help with any of these bills. My email is along You know the can either paypal or email on me :

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