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We thought we should take a moment to celebrate the wonderful England team and their amazing journey to the finals of the Euros on Sunday. We send our love and admiration out to the brilliant young men in that team, who are not only great sportsmen but incredible role models and activists as well. We hope that some of the young football players we have sponsored will be inspired by them (and by having 500 Reasons on their kit!) to become just such brilliant humans!!

This week we are helping two young lads who have had a really tough time the last few years and we hope that our gift will help them to find ways to connect and play together creatively. We send love to their family and wish them a lot of fun working on this project!!

Wilf Merttens is a gorgeous storyteller Who works with a wonderful charity Read For Good. He has been working in children’s hospitals for about 8 years and bringing smiles to faces wherever he goes! Through his work at Bristol children’s hospital Wilf has been asked to work with twin brothers, both 7 years old. One of them has had a brain tumour from a young age, and has already been through a lot and spent much of his life in hospital. Last year he underwent treatment that meant he lost his sight.

On top of that, Covid, of course made a tough situation worse, splitting the twins up from one another at a crucial time. Now, with them able to be together again, the family have asked Wilf to facilitate some collaborative storytelling to enable the kids to tell and record their own stories, and also to play and connect again in a way that is accessible for a kid with severe visual impairment. They both very much love stories, especially audiobooks and especially fantasy tales so Wilf is hoping to create a magical audio recording with them.

A small charity are funding Wilf to do a few sessions with the family, but in order to create something special with them he really wants to put some more time, expertise and resources into the project.

To honor the boys' friendship and creativity Wilf would love to find someone to work with them to edit and produce something really wonderful from their story.

£500 would help pay for someone to professionally produce the end product of this project so that this family have something incredible to listen to in years to come.

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