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Our Covid Survival Stories

Hello our lovely community,

I recently met up with a friend for a walk, I had not seen her since the pandemic began, after a few minutes of small talk she asked me what was my ' Covid survival story'. And on reflection, I guess we all have them. We have all felt alone. We have all felt scared, we have all lost moments, some precious, and for many, sadly lost loved ones.This nomination is for someone who devastatingly lost 19 loved ones. And she needs some help to get through this trauma. And that's what we are going to do.

Offer some support from the lovely 500 ones.

Nomination in full from our wonderful member Ellie.

Sending love to you all.

And all of your survival stories of the past 2 years.

I would like to nominate my lovely friend J. She is hugely deserving and in desperate need of a bit of financial good fortune and a lot of love.

J is a hugely talented artist, hospitality worker and Mum to two gorgeous girls.

When I tell her story, people simply don't believe me. During Covid she lost 19 friends and family members, including her Uncle (who had lived with them when she grew up) and her Mother. Heartbreakingly, because she is originally from a country which was on a red list, flying restrictions meant that she couldn't see her Uncle before his death and, whilst she was able to spend the last couple of days with her mother, by the time she was able to get there, her mother was very distressingly ill and she had to leave her two girls (4 and 1) for 3 weeks (to travel, to nurse her to the end, to arrange the funeral and then to quarantine for 10 days on return).

She herself had already overcome cancer.

As if all of that isn't enough to be contending with, she has recently made some very distressing discoveries back at home and she doesn't feel secure in her marriage.

She was already struggling financially as she was made redundant 3x during Covid and the quarantine required extra debt. There is therefore a huge undercurrent of financial pressure. She could really use some counselling support but can't get what she needs quickly enough on the NHS. She is also feeling very alone without her mother, in a country full of her husband's family but not hers, when her relationship is under stress.

It would be amazing if she could have some money to help her get the help she needs, and also if she could feel the love from this amazing group to prove to her that good things happen.

She is the ultimate example of, "Just because she carries it well, it doesn't mean it isn't heavy," and I would love to give her a happy day when she has had so many that have been so heart breaking

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