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Mother and daughter team!

A perfect example of our wonderful members seeing another human being struggling and using the collective kindness of their 499 other friends to help alleviate someone’s suffering. Michelle and Eartha our brilliant mother and daughter team dropped us a line and we knew we had to help immediately. This is the power of community. You’re all brilliant x

Hi ya lovely humans, Happy new year… this a joint message from me and my daughter Eartha. Me and my daughter saw a 78 year old man under a bridge cold and hungry. He was sitting there trying to sell some things from his hardware store that closed down around 6 years ago. He has been given a small room in a hostel (from the council), which costs him £100 a week and his pension is £500 a month. So he’s trying to earn money for heating and food.It’s 0 degrees outside and we’re worried about him. We think £500 would make a huge difference to his life, so if we could nominate him we’d be really happy.From Michelle and Ex

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