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Morning you lovely lot. This week’s nomination comes as so many of our nominations do as a result of the fickle finger of fate giving someone far more hardship and misfortune than anyone could possibly deserve. The beautiful thing about this group is that it grants each of us access to this £500 every week to help anyone or any group that could really benefit from our help and the fact we can help immediately rather than having to wait to wade through bureaucracy and red tape. Lots of love to Lorraine and her daughter at this difficult time x Hello everyone at 500 Reasons. I am making this nomination on behalf of a dear family friend who is in urgent need of some financial assistance. Her name is Lorraine. She was made redundant through circumstances outside her control and so started her own beauty business in which she has many years of experience. Her health and financial well being deteriorated during the Covid lockdowns and she now requires a full hysterectomy which means that she will be unable to work for a considerable length of time as a large portion of her business is massage. Unfortunately she is unable to claim benefits due to her business being so new. Lorraine lives with her adult daughter who does contribute but is on a minimum wage. She is extremely anxious about how she will pay her mortgage, heating and food bills with no income. I am hoping that £500 will help alleviate her financial and mental stress to some extent as she recovers from her operation. Thank you to everyone at 500 Reasons for considering this nomination. -- Barry Hedges

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