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Helping to feed our NHS Heroes

Our dearest 500 Reasons community,

Sending you so much love, strength and sanity at these really scary times. This week the nomination was sent to us and it just felt like it was a way of helping, to show our thanks to the ones helping us.Each and every member of the NHS are putting their lives at risk daily to get us through the pandemic, selflessly supporting and holding up our country, and we Thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.Many hospitals no longer have the facilities to supply food for staff, so many doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners and clerical staff are finding themselves not only working at capacity but not being able to get a hot meal on a break. Deliver aid is a group set up to deliver food to those staff members, not only helping the staff but also employing the closed cafes and restaurants near by to provide the service.Our £500 has provided 100 meals for NHS staff working on the front line, with a huge thank you from us.Below is the email from the group thanking us for our donations and the website you fancy a bit more of a read about what they do.Together we can get through this.Kindness matters!XDear Charlotte,Hywel passed on your email after we received an incredibly generous donation from 500 Reasons - on behalf of the whole team I wanted to say a big thank you! Your donation alone will provide a NHS hospital with over 100 meals!Charlotte and I dreamt up the idea of DeliverAid 4 weeks ago after I’d been offered food by various patients whilst working in a London A&E department. I was bowled over by these gestures but sadly had to decline...On my way home, 2 of my favourite local restaurants had shut their doors making me wonder whether we could channel the public’s generosity for the NHS through struggling restaurants. Could there be a way to connect the dots and help everyone? We officially rolled out our nonprofit platform 10 days ago and we have already raised >£25k. These funds are being used to feed frontline staff, partnering up with independent restaurants who have taken a huge hit during the crisis. We have already delivered over 800 meals to 6 local hospitals and have received tremendous feedback. Although it’s tricky juggling DeliverAid alongside fulltime employment, we are buoyed by the support and can’t wait to increase our impact! Your donation is going to make a huge difference to our offering, which we hope will eventually include social services and the vulnerable. This is an issue close to my heart and I'm hoping we can link this in in by the end of next week. In the meantime - we have another 12 NHS deliveries lined up this week and will keep you updated on how that goes.Thanks again for your generosity.Warm wishes,Jack
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