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Helping Chris help people

A really simple one this week. A beautiful soul called Chris volunteers for a handful of organisations and gives her time to help those less fortunate all at her own time and expense. Whilst out delivering food parcels last week she had her car nicked and now her insurance company refuse to pay out!!!!

Our sister group 500 Acts of Kindness ran by one of our own members the incredible Julie Hesmondhalgh donated first and the just giving page still found poor Chris substantially short of being able to get back whizzing around and helping her community. So that’s where we thought let’s join forces. £500 from 500 Reasons and £500 from 500 Acts of Kindness. We hope she’s back to her best in no time flat and are pleased to offer her the support and kindness that she shows those in her community every single day x

Here’s the story:

Chris volunteers an enormous amount of her time for the community of Mossley. She runs various clubs for the people of Mossley and beyond. On Saturday she was delivering Fare Share food parcels and the Tameside Reporter to an elderly lady. A car pulled up and stole it when she was less than 3 feet away!!! Her insurance won't pay as they claim it was ' unattended'. Chris uses her car every day as a volunteer within the community and deserves better. Please help us get her another car so she can carry on her good work

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