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Helping a hero

Morning everyone. It’s rare that we get a nomination as shocking as the one you are sadly about to read. We were horrified by the brutality shown yet heartened by the bravery of a man who thought nothing of himself just of the poor woman and child that needed him at that very moment. In turn he and his family need us and I hope you agree it’s an absolute honour to help as we wish Rich, Joy and their little one all the love in the world on their collective road to recovery. X Here’s the nomination in full:

Dear 500 Reasons Hope you all at head quarters are keeping well! I really hope you can help my two lovey Friends who have been through such a terrible ordeal, one that I still haven’t quite come to grips with my self. There could be people on here that know of them and there situation, but I ask that you respect their privacy and not talk to them about it unless you already have. Joy and Rich have had a number of knocks the last few years, some of which are too personal to mention, but I am just setting the scene. Things were looking up at the beginning of the summer, although Rich had to give up his job, he had restarted his own company again and had many jobs lined up. We were all feeling very positive that things might betaking a turn for the better. Unfortunately something more horrific than I ever thought any of my friends would have to witness or go through happened. They were having bbq in garden with there 2 year old when they heard frightened screams from the house at the bottom of the garden, where a mother and 7 year old daughter were trapped in their house whilst two young men were throwing stones and shouting at them. Rich jumped straight over and asked them to get out of the garden, one of them then pulled a knife on him, he was able to grab his hand and stop him from stabbing him, but the other boy went and grabbed a metal pole and started to smash Rich round the head with it. All joy could see from the garden was blood and things flying around. She managed to have the sense  to start recording just before one said to the other “lets get the samurai sword and finish him off”.(they were living in a safe house in another house just next door) I am so sorry if this is disturbing anyone, I am breaking my heart writing it and feel so so sick every time I think of what happened, but its important for you to know exactly what they have been through. The police were rang and they eventually ran off leaving Rich in a terrible state. This alone would have been enough, but after a visit to the hospital, being cleared to go to Spain 4 days later for a short break together they had planned for a long time , a missed infection, Rich ended up in Spain, with Sepsis and joy had to watch her husband fight for his  life for a second time that week. We were told he may not make it through. They were in Spain for over 2 weeks whilst he became strong enough again to come home. Flo was left without her parents for two weeks and they missed Rich’s brothers wedding, only to come and told  that there had been a mistake at joys bank and they were in fact not covered whilst they were in Spain for any of the expenses. With savings gone, and Rich only being able to do small amounts of work at the moment, things are incredibly tough and they are quite understandably at breaking point. As you can imagine they are both mentally in a very terrible place, and the help that they have been offered by victim support by volunteers, is just not cutting it. Rich may have to wait 4-6 months to see someone to help him through this life changing event he never saw coming. They are struggling, financially emotionally and feel like the cycle of fear is never going to end. I would like for them to have the money from 500 reasons, not only to help them financially just keep there heads above water but so they can experience some kindness, and maybe feel that they will have nice things happen to them and the cycle is breakable. As one of their closest friends it is breaking my heart to see what they are going through. They have applied for victim compensation but have been told they may receive something in 4 years time. They have been offered no real emotional or financial help. If there is any advise anyone could give me for them I would be grateful. They need help now, not in 4 months or 4 years. I was thinking of calling Citizen’s advise or Samaritans on their behalf, would they be able to help or know someone who could? This has changed there lives forever, I know they can be happy again but at the moment with everything else they went through even before this happened, they cant seem to see that, and its breaking my heart that there is nothing I am able to do.
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