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Giving in Govan

Dearest our wonderful 500 Reasons Community,I hope this finds you all safe and sane for another week. It my pleasure to announce this week's nomination, that came from the lovely Maggie Service. What has been an unbelievably hard, trying and scary few months, but in these darker times it really has given us the chance to see the wonderful things that people and groups do to help those in need, the generosity, the care and the kindness. Reaching out to those who need help in our communities. The group we are helping, The Preshal Trust, are doing just that, and has adapted during this pandemic, But Maclain and Adam are doing a wonderful job. We found out today that our £500 will provide breakfast for 5weeks, that’s 40 breakfasts a day, that’s 1400 hot meals we are helping this group provide to those vulnerable and in need.  How fantastic.  We are so happy to be helping them, sending our love and support, and wish them all the best in raising the funds they need to support the people they are helping. Here is Maggies nomination and a little bit more about The Preshal Trust, and what work they do. Much love The admin team. Hello you lovely people, Thank you so much for your incredible work as ever. I’d like to nominate a charity which my Father, MacIain Service, co-founded with May Nicholson. They were on the board of a charity together but felt that it was starting to discriminate against certain people. They had a conversation about the meaning of the word ‘charity’ and discussed how things would be if they ran a charitable organisation... within a year they had set up ‘The Preshal Trust’ (named by my Mother Jo) which means precious in Gaelic. It started as a shack in Govan where anyone could go who needed a bit of shelter or advice. It grew to providing meals, then literacy & computer skills, karaoke, crafts and an Outreach programme for youths. They moved into a bespoke building in 2013. It’s a charity very much based in community and obviously they’ve had to change the way they work through this pandemic. They’ve adapted brilliantly and have been helping many people. Sadly May passed away last year. Her son Alan who has been working for The Preshal Trust for years stepped up as CEO. He’s been doing a brilliant job. To give you an idea of some of the work they’ve being doing since lockdown: -Served over 5000 hot meals (via their kitchen and through a window) -Given out 200 action packs for children -Delivered 739 food parcels which helped 1138 people in total They will be the first charity in Govan to open their doors to people again so there’s currently much work being done on what will have to be put in place to do so safely. It looks like they’ll need £75,000 minimum to be raised for the next year, so this £500 would be a fantastic start and much appreciated. “Here in Preshal we have tried to be a lighthouse in our community, a beacon of hope, love, kindness and help in these trying times.” I hope you’re all faring ok through these beyond strange times.  Best wishes, Maggie. 

Maggie Service 
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