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For Julian

Hi all,

Hoping people are keeping warm and settling into 2024! Who knows what this year is going to hold but we are always glad to be travelling through life with this amazing group of people who fill our hearts with hope! Thanks for all the nominations that have come in over the last couple of weeks. We’re hoping to get to them all as quickly as we can. And keep them coming folks. 

This week’s recipients are hoping 2024 will bring a touch of normality back to their family after Julian had a stroke last year. We send them all our love and hope that our gift can help get him home and on the road to recovery.

And if anyone in London fancies what looks like a great night out, here’s the details of a benefit gig also happening to raise funds for Julian!!

Here’s Jen’s nomination:

Hoping we can help my wonderful old friend Julian and his family. Julian has always been the life and soul of every party and has been an incredible force for creativity, art, festivals and fun! He’s run community festivals in London like Paradise Gardens in Victoria Park, produced outdoor art work across the UK and run a gorgeous restaurant in Thailand with his wonderful wife Jeed. 

Last year Julian had a life changing stroke. He has spent his time since then in Lewisham Hospital and then at a specialist Neurology hospital in London with his family and friends helping him with physio and rehab. He is finally hoping to be able to go home soon but as he is currently still using a wheelchair and needing other bits of support, the house will need some adaptations. He also needs intensive physio and rehab which has to be paid for privately so his friends are organising lots of fundraising to help. They are hosting a big gig in London this week and have set up this crowdfunder for people who can’t attend that! 

I’ve had the great fortune of working with Julian on many occasions and he has brought such joy and fun to so many people through his work. I’d love to give back in a small way to help him on the road to recovery! 

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