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Flying Seagull Project

We have supported the Flying Seagull Project a couple of years back and they have continued to do incredible work bringing hope, love and laughter into places where that is often and sadly too thin in the ground. Like their founder Ash so beautifully says he just wants to put smiles on kids faces and wherever they go and whoever’s fault it is, it’s not theirs. I’d love to help them carry on bringing the Joy. Here’s his nomination:

Ello ello, hope youre doing grrrreat and feeling the spring vibes.

I need to ask for your help.

Yesterday the Flying Seagulls launched our "For Fun's Sake" fundraising campaign. We do this usually once or twice a year but this one is the most important so far because

2023 we've overstretched and increased our project output to beyond maximum haha.

We have teams in Poland with evacuated Ukrainian orphans, we have teams in the balkans with children abandoned into shelter's, we have teams in Bulgaria And Greece with families still stuck in refugee camps, we have 2 sessions every day in the UK with communities and children in crisis, and the sad truth is we barely skim the surface.

So, can you help out? Share the campaign, like our posts, spread the word or if you can manage to donate a few quid.  Every single pound makes a difference to us, but most importantly to the children we manage to reach.

It's a dark and strange time, with so much negativity and difficulties it can feel like there's no hope. Well there is and we must make more, and with everyone pitching in we will.

I'm sorry to ask so directly, but I do so only knowing how important it all is to get some decent smiles and happier times to the kids we work with.

Whoever fault it all is, its not theirs.

Nice one, appreciate your time and long live the laugh.

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