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Florence and our machine!

Morning you lovely lot! I’m sure this week’s nomination needs no introduction as it’s a young girl very close to our heart. We helped Florence from Ghana with her studies and through our lovely members Dawn and Denise are able to keep in touch and send birthday presents, pens and pencils etc. Firstly thanks to Dawn and Denise for looking in on Florence for us all and of course thanks to our aviation altruist Barry Hedges who spends as much time as he can at St Nicholas School in Tema, Ghana and caring for the young people there. This school is doing incredible work under exceptionally trying circumstances and our £500 will help Florence for another year get the care and attention she needs and deserves.

Hello everyone,

In November 2019, I submitted the nomination below and £500 was gifted to sponsor a child for a year at St Nicholas School in Ghana. The child nominated for our sponsorship is called Florence and I have posted photos and videos from the school on the Facebook Group. I would like to nominate the same cause again this year to continue to support Florence and the school during what has been an exceptionally difficult time for all of them. I am currently on furlough from my own job and after I have had my second vaccine dose I intend to visit the school for a number of weeks. It does not seem sensible to rewrite the nomination as it is effectively the same as it was before only the conditions there are worse.

Please would the group consider another £500 donation to support the work the school does to give all these children a better future.

Many thanks in advance,

Barry Hedges

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