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Deserved respite

Hello lovely members, Hoping you are all well and finding time to spend with friends and family during the summer. Being able to see and connect with those we care about feels all the more important after the last few years, doesn’t it? And taking a bit of time to relax and rest is so vital as we all push onwards in what can still feel like very uncertain times. We are, as always raising a glass of something cool and refreshing to all of you as you continue to be the energy behind this group! This weeks nomination is for a wonderful community activist who has had a bit of a run of bad luck and needs some help to be able to spend some time with their family. Their long term health problems stem from a homophobic attack many years ago which left them with physical disabilities and also ongoing anxiety. They work tirelessly to stay on top of these and are a wonderful advocate for other marginalised groups and individuals. We helped this person back in 2017 when they were fighting a battle with DWP over their disability allowance and had hit a real low-point in terms of their mental health. Glad to say they won their tribunal with DWP and their well-being improved. Earlier this year they had saved up for a long awaited trip back to their childhood home outside of the UK, to celebrate their birthday. However, whilst there they had a serious medical issue and were forced to cut the trip short after just two days and return home for treatment. Now recovered they had been hoping to save up again to return this autumn to finally be able to spend time with friends and family as had been planned before. However, spiralling cost of living costs with only a very small increase in disability payment means they are struggling to break even each month despite cutting back on everything including seeing friends and internet usage. The trip had therefore become unjustifiable in their eyes. So we wanted to offer this weeks donation to go towards making that trip possible, knowing that time with friends and family at home would bring some joy and rest to someone who spends so much time and energy helping others.

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