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Choirs for good…

Happy Wednesday to our amazing group. We hope you are enjoying the glorious weather and managing to stay safe while the country opens up in different stages. Slowly, live performance events are starting to take place and the joy of group singing is slowly returning to our ears.

With this in mind we are thrilled to help this weeks’ nomination from Michelle which goes to the Choirs for Good initiative. These choirs help on many levels including raising money for other charities and combating loneliness so the ripples extend further into the world. Some of the money will go toward buying a T loop in order to help deaf members. We wish them a successful future full of music. Here’s the nomination: Hi 500 Reasons team, I started writing this nomination back in November but the choir was only just setting up then and had little information to send you. I've belonged to Tenovus choir for 4 years, it is an amazing community of people who have had cancer or have been affected by it in their families. However, our amazing choir leader was made redundant just as the charity hit difficulties during Lockdown. He, along with other choir leaders, have set up their own choir, but where a different charity is nominated each year. This was born in lockdown and they have provided us with zoom projects where we have sang online with Jamie Barton and The West End of London Orchestra. They are creating so many worthwhile projects but are not for profit so I'd like them to be considered. I know myself how much our choir community means to us, but especially from a mental health perspective. Singing is proven to lift spirits as well as the physical calming effects on the body's nervous system. Lori and his team work tirelessly to create opportunities and as we are coming out of lockdown they are looking at ways to put on live workshops and start rehearsals. I have added their website information. I'd like them to be considered as they mean so much and bring joy to so many, some choristers live alone, widowed, going through illness and choir was their only joy. About Us | Choirs For Good Choirs For Good | Where It All Began Thank you Michelle Collins

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