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Child Refugees

We hope the good weather and school holidays are raising spirits everywhere. It’s always amazing for everyone to be able to access outdoor spaces in the summertime. Our nomination was sent in by Denise this week and we applaud James for his amazing initiative which helps child refugees from all over the world and working with GARAS have a new Ukrainian advice & support team. Already we know that our help will enable James to take a group of refugees on a camping trip in a few weeks time. We are very happy to help. Here’s the nomination: Access Bike and 3rd Space are Creative Sustainability projects. Access Bike is a community bike workshop and 3rd Space is a vibrant, inclusive, safe, supported space for young people to develop skills, make friends and have fun. Both projects focus on young people - and inclusion. They are raising funds to supply 50 young refugees and asylum seekers with lights, locks and helmets, and refurbished bikes - and to take a smaller number for a short camping trip. They are working with GARAS (Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) who are supporting refugees and asylum seekers from across the world. This project would offer the children the opportunities to enjoy the freedom of the road safely and a camping trip where they can have fun with other young people. Given that few of these children will have a holiday, this is a wonderful initiative to provide them with something special and enduring. I would be really grateful if you would consider this request. Best wishes to you all,Denise
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