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Caring for Carers

Morning all,

When we started this group six years ago we wanted to be able to offer people who were struggling for whatever reason a bit of breathing space. The relief that £500 might bring to cover bills or costs so that they could take a break from the constant worry and stress and catch up with themselves. Often the people we help are busy helping or caring for others and we wanted to show them that 500 people have their back. Being a family carer is an incredible thing and unfortunately it is often unpaid and unsupported- especially as the social care sector is in such disarray these days. We salute everyone who gives up their time to look after a loved one. Heroes!

This week’s nomination is for one those heroes. It comes from long time member Emma and is for a friend who is a full time carer and needs a little help in order to carry on doing that without the worries and strain of wondering if she can manage.

We send Michelle and her Dad all our love and hope she can catch her breath and maybe even do something nice!

Big love to you all out there!

Here’s Emma’s nomination…

I'm nominating Michelle. She used to be a theatre dresser, but left to become a full time carer for her father. He used to be a theatre designer but is now bedbound and is in and out of hospital.

She's caring for him by herself and could do with a break! She's feeling very isolated and struggling financially, so I'd love to show her that we've got her back and give her a treat.


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