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Bringing a family together

Hello all!

This week's nominations come from our lovely member Antonia whose neighbours are going through a grief we all hope we never have to endure.In a current climate where the world seems such an uneasy place, I am left devastated from reading this, as any parent, Grandparent, carer, or anyone really who has love for a little one.We hope there is some comfort in getting this family back to their loved ones, and in knowing that 500 people are sending so much love and support.Here is the nomination. I hope it is not triggering for anyone has been through anything this harrowing.Sending loveThe 500 reasons team. xxHello all,Thank you so much for your continued hard work with this over the years, I so appreciate being part of such an amazing group. I've been a member since the beginning but this my first nomination. I just wish it wasn't for such a heart-breaking reason.My neighbour, Latha lives across the road from us in a flat with her husband, their 18 year old son, her 30 something year old daughter and her husband and their 2 year old grandson. Latha is a beautiful person, a Buddhist who quite literally wouldn't hurt a fly and is often raising money for charities in Sri Lanka.Latha's daughter recently gave birth to another boy who was bringing some joy to their lives after Latha's sister passed away the month before, but last week on 3rd November he died in the night, at just 1 month old. Completely heart-breaking and I'm afraid it was totally unexpected. Having spoken to Latha their home is currently a very difficult place to be. It is a small flat. Their extended family all live in Sri Lanka and Latha would like to send her daughter, son in law and grandson back to Sri Lanka as soon as possible after the funeral so they can have some time and space to grieve. Their 2 year old grandson also loves being with his cousins out there. Nothing can help ease their pain but at least being with extended family would offer a bit of extra support and a much needed change of space. Money is tight for everyone at the moment and flights to Sri Lanka are a huge and unexpected cost for Latha, if there is any way we can help to contribute to that I know it would mean so much and offer a huge show of love at a massively tragic time. I set up this JustGiving page which I'm sharing amongst some of our neighbours:Help raise £1000 to put towards Latha's family's flights to Sri Lanka.

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